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"I DEFINITELY recommend the program for anyone interested in Tropical and Neotropical conservation/ banding/ research. It was VERY enjoyable and thank you very much to everyone involved, especially Gloria, Jose, Misael and Isabel!" Avery Bartels – Ecovolunteer from Canada-
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"Being a Ecovolunteer with ProAves is a great experience that will bring out the best in you. You will learn new things every day not just related to nature but also to social and economic relations with the environment, which can also be applied to daily life" Maria Alejandra Chadid - Ecovolunteer from Colombia

Conservation Volunteer

Conservation Volunteer
Looking for an amazing opportunity to contribute to conservation and have an unforgettable experience? Then join Fundación ProAves today! [Read more...]

Protect amazing places

Amazing Locations
Volunteer at the most spectacular reserves on the planet - amazing landscapes, exotic wildlife, endangered species and excellent facilities are part of the exciting destinations! [Read more...]

Why Volunteer for Conservation in Colombia?

We need YOUR help on the frontline of conservation! Colombia faces huge challenges as rural areas are now safe and investors are rapidly moving in to destroy unique Andean habitats. ProAves is one of the most effective conservation groups in the tropics - saving critical habitats for endangered species. ProAves needs your help to manage new reserves and expand their protection.

Special Opening offer

Special Offers
If you are passionate and committed to conservation, and want to make a difference - this volunteer program offers fantastic opportunities at very low prices. [Read more...]

Urgent Volunteer request

Urgent Requests
If you are a professional or just committed to conservation, we have many urgent needs year round. Contact us today and be part of the change! [Read more...]



How to take a volunteer vacation

"Voluntourism is not about martyrdom," says Christopher Hill, CEO of Hands Up Holidays, a London-based company that arranges high-end excursions that incorporate volunteering. "It's about making a difference"


Kids restore the forest in Sierra Nevada

Kids restore the forest in Sierra Nevada

kids living close to El Dorado Bird Natural Reserve were part of a full day of reforestation within the area of the reserve. This activity was created to show the importance of restoring native habitats of Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, benefiting one endemic and endangered species of this habitat, the Little-Parrot of Santa Maria (Pyrrhura viridicata).
Published magazine Colombian Conservation No.9

ProAves publishes online the 9th edition of Colombian Conservation , with a synthesis of the results of the study Indicators and Models to evaluate biodiversity changes in the CDM forestry project in the Chinchiná river basin, carried out in the community of Caldas, Colombia and developed by ProAves.
More than 15 Ecovolunteers have joined the ProAves team, helping at the natural reserves! This year more than 15 Ecovolunteers from different nationalities have came to Colombia and helped with many interesting conservation activities at the natural reserves. we are waiting for you! Come to Colombia and have an amazing experience...

If you are interested to participate in conservation projects, environmental education and investigation, Fundación ProAves wants you to join as an EcoVolunteer! Volunteering in our reserves in Colombia will be an unforgettable experience.

Critical habitats and real conservation actions will make this a unique experience that you'd never forget! Join us and make a difference!

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